Elrich Skystrider


Elrich Skystrider 5th level Cleric, 2nd level Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith STR 14 DEX 12 CON 15 INT 16 WIS 22 CHA 16

HP: 72 AC: 22 Fort: Ref: Will:

+1 Mecurial Longsword +9 1d10+3 20/x3

+1 Full Plate Light Fortification DR 5/+1 Domains: War, Glory


Elrich was a lowly priest in Deltagoth, when he stumbles upon some evil mages. He saw them plotting and planning, breeding corruption in his home known as Eragoth. They attacked him, the next thing he knew was that he was waking up, with a masked man telling him to stay down. I ended up in the border lands, in the middle of the hunting party of King Sithil The Seer of the Stars.

Elrich began traveling with Kith Kannan, and Connorthian. Elrich stayed in Silvanust until Eragoth sent a diplomat, Ambassador Giarna, Elrich recognized him as the evil mage who attacked him. Elrich hastily made his way to the castle to relay this information to Kith, when he told Kith, Kith informed him that Giarna already left on a hunt with his father.

When we arrived, Kith relayed the information to Sithil, Giarna rebuffed Elrich’s claims by accusing Elrich of killing his mother and fleeing justice. After Sithil handed Elrich over to his forces, Sithil was assassinated. Kith told Elrich to goto Sithilbeck, and that he would meet him there.

Over the next 10 years Elrich would help Kith Kanan train men, and would help the church of Kiri-Jolith flourish. In Elrich & Kith’s adventures they killed many evil men, and even some monsters. To date Elrich’s greatest accomplishment is helping Kith Kanan unearth the Wyrmslayer, and more importantly becoming a Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith.

Durring this time Elrich met a woman named Aliciam, Elrich began a 2 year long courtship, eventually marrying her. Unfortunately they were not able to have children, due to the physical damage Aliciam received while a slave under a Barbarian Lord. Elrich, and Kith learning of the location of the tribe rush to face them. After slaying many barbarians, they were able to slay the Barbarian Lord. At this very moment Elrich rushes home to bring his wife back the weapon that tormented her, so it can finally be destroyed.

Elrich Skystrider

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