Prince of the Silvanesti, Nykrym of the Wildrunners


Paladin of Majere, Level 3

STR 14

DEX 10

CON 11

INT 12

WIS 17

CHA 18

HP 30

AC 15/19 (Kith-Kanan possesses a suit of ornate full plate armor which he dons for battle, but prefers the mobility afforded by a light chain shirt for most encounters)

Greatsword +1 (+6 for 2d6+4)





Kith-Kanan is the younger of two twins born to Sithel, King of the Silvanesti Elves. His older brother, Sithas, ascended to the throne when Sithel was assassinated by agents of Giarna, an ambitious and evil Ergothian mage.

Despite his long friendship with and attraction to Hermathya, Sithas’s beautiful wife, Kith-Kanan has thus far retained his honor and resisted her many attempts to seduce him.

Kith-Kanan has constantly displayed an atypical acceptance of non-elves and half-elves. Recently, he wed Suzine des Quivalin, an Ergothian noblewoman and former lover of Giarna. The couple have two half-elven children: a son, Verhanna, and a daughter, Ulvian. This decision to wed a “inferior human” has led to growing tension between Kith-Kanan and his brother (and liege lord), Sithas, but has also cemented Kith-Kanan’s egalitarian reputation amongst the Qualinesti, Kagonesti, and half-elves.

Kith-Kanan counts Elric Skystrider, an Ergothian priest of Kiri-Jolith, and Connorthian, a half-elven woodsman, as his two closest companions.

Although Kith-Kanan has not yet achieved sufficient experience to merit a paladin’s mount, he has the friendship and mutual respect of the griffon Arcuballis.

Kith-Kanan is fearsome in battle, striking powerful blows with an enchanted greatsword, but he greatly prefers diplomacy to force of arms and unsheaths his blade only when he has no alternative. As Nykrym of the Wildrunners, the vanguard in the conflict with the Ergothians, his reluctance to do battle is greatly at odds with his duty to his people.


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